A Future in Cosmetology: Here are 5 Potential Careers!

When you imagine your future, what do you see?

Do you see sandy beaches? Or time with friends and family? Or do you imagine yourself making memories around the world? Or making a difference in your hometown?

The future you see for yourself can be anything you dream of. Those dreams don’t have to stay hidden either.

Here are five awesome careers to check out after becoming a licensed cosmetologist!

1. Editorial Stylist

Help brands create and maintain great looks as an editorial stylist! You get to work with models and photographers while letting your creative spirits soar. Work along with a team that creates what a model will wear and how their hair and makeup should be done. If you enjoy looking at fashion magazines and photos, being an editorial stylist could be your dream job!

2. Working In a Salon

Being a hairstylist is fun and highly creative! Help others out by shampooing, cutting, and dying their hair! Show your creative flair by creating trendy look and styles. Focus on building guest relationships and creating that perfect look they have dreamed of. We recommend you always keep learning so you can offer the latest trends and fashions to your clients.

3. Personal Stylist

As a personal stylist you work and interact with individuals on an one-on-one basis! You can help people achieve and maintain their dream look by styling their hair and helping with their makeup application. You could be a stylist for the stars if that’s what you want. To shine bright as a personal stylist we recommend having fabulous professionalism.

4. Salon Owner

Why work for someone else? Be your own boss! Having your own salon also makes you a business owner which means you will need to have a marketing strategy and be able to run a business. At Elevate Salon Institute, Chubbuck we offer classes that teach you how to create and run a business. You will need a great team and an awesome line of hair and styling products to help your business thrive! We, of course, recommend L’Oreal products.

5. Mobile Stylist

Why stay in one spot when you could travel? Being a mobile stylist gives you the freedom to practice cosmetology outside of the salon. You may be helping a bride at her wedding venue with her hair on her big wedding day. Or you may be at a person’s home dying their hair because they are home bound from a recent accident. Being a mobile stylist allows you to create your own schedule and build stronger relationships with your guests.

Obtaining an education cosmetology can prepare you for a future career that is exciting and rewarding! The future is bright with an education in cosmetology and with so many opportunities you are sure to shine.

Interested in learning more about cosmetology program options? Check out our program pages or give us a call at 208-232-9170 to learn more about our exciting program in cosmetology!

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