Cosmetology. A Passion for the Generations.

A career in cosmetology often leads to a lifelong passion for beauty, and one that turns into a love for the craft that gets passed on from generation to generation. It is estimated that 30% of cosmetologists grew up in the industry, playing on the floor of their parents salon floor and learning to cut the moment they were old enough.

They grew up with that passion. Being witness to their parents’ joy for their jobs, seeing all the success and freedom that it gave them inspired them to follow in those footsteps and receiving their own education, and create their own beautiful future.

At Elevate Salon Institutes(ESI), Chubbuck we are proud to have seen generations of students come through our doors, and to have welcomed mothers and daughters and even grandmothers into our family, and to pass on such an amazing future for so many.

Even our own Admissions Director, Mark, is a third generation hair dresser. This is a video made about his grandpa who did hair for 71 years and started as a barber in World War II!

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It’s a source of pride for many, to see their children seek after the same career that they love and embraced. To know that their children will be embracing that same love is only part of it, however, the bond that is formed is a thing of beauty. Plus, it leads to endless conversations about the things that they both love.

It could be assumed that many parents push their children into the field that has caused them so much joy, but often that is not the case!

A recent poll on Hairbrained showed the overwhelming desire for their children to follow them and “carry the hairdryer” to the next generation, but the comments told a much different story.

Love. Support, and yes, a desire for their children to follow them. But that desire is not pushed, or forced. Instead, the love to follow and become a cosmetologist grows within the family.

Beauty is a field full of passion, full of love, and full of supportive people who not only followed their dreams, but created something more from them. It is that drive, that passion, and that determination that lives in these families, that pushes them to create lives full of wonder and hair.

Are you ready to follow in that creative tradition? Or is it time to start your own? With a rich history spanning over 50 years ESI Chubbuck could be the foundation you need to begin a beautiful future that will last for generations.

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