Can You Get Your Holiday Shopping Done by the End of This Post?

Are you ready for the holiday shopping season?

Ready or not, it is upon us, and if you have a few hard to shop for people on your list, never fear! We have you covered!

At Elevate Salon Institute(ESI), Chubbuck we have compiled some of our favorite boutiques, specialty stores, and confectioners both in Chubbuck and in nearby Pocatello. Not only will you find some of the most eclectic and personal gifts for those you love, but by keeping your shopping local you are supporting the economy of your town and city.

With all of these great stores we hope you will find just the right gift for everyone on your list!

Can you find something for everyone on your list by the end of this post?

Have a beauty obsessed friend on your list? Make sure to scroll down for a special offer from ESI Chubbuck

  • Old Town Ice Cream and Candy

    Old Town Ice Cream and Candy

    Located in the heart of downtown Pocatello this classic shop serves one of the most beloved local ice creams. And it does it all in a shop that will remind you of your childhood

    Plus, with local bands and entertainment every weekend, this shop can make a great date-night. If you have an ice cream lover on your list, grab one of their pre-packed quarts to make their holiday that much sweeter.

  • LaDeDa Boutique

    LaDeDa Boutique

    Filled to the brim with all sorts of unique and handmade gifts, this cute shop features clothes, jewelry, and handmade bath products.

    With so much to see, you will be sure to find just the right gift. Plus, you can even grab a gift certificate to the attached tanning salon, making this gift one they will never forget!

  • The Poky Popcorn Shop

    The Poky Popcorn Shop

    Have a lover of things more salty than sweet? Let The Poky Popcorn shop in Pocatello, Idaho help you create the perfect gift. With flavors from orange creamsicle to rootbeer float to huckleberry you might just feel a bit overwhelmed by options.

    But never fear, this adorable little shop has created beautiful gift boxes and packages to make your choice that much easier.

  • The Soda Barn

    The Soda Barn

    The Pocatello area sure does love their treats! This cookie and soda shop in Chubbuck is one of the busiest places, no matter the day or time. While they feature specialty soda concoctions, ice cream, and frozen drinks, it’s their cookies that send people into their shop in droves.

    Available in take home and decorating packs you can use these not only as the perfect family activity, but a gift for the sweet tooth creative in your life.

  • The Elwen Cottage

    The Elwen Cottage

    Upcycled furniture, home decor, craft supplies, kitchen supplies and even eclectic antiques fill the shelves of this shop. The Elwen Cottage sure does have it all!

    In addition to so many gift opportunities, they also offer furniture refreshing classes, paint nite opportunities and more.

    If you want to give someone a gift and an experience, be sure to check them out!

  • Old Town Mercantile and Antiques

    Old Town Mercantile and Antiques

    Located in Pocatello, Idaho’s historic downtown this store features everything old, and even a few things new. From trinkets and toys to large furniture pieces the options at this store are practically endless.

  • Elevate Salon Institute, Chubbuck


    We couldn’t leave ourselves off of this list! With over fifty years in our community we have not only helped build beauty professionals, but the business women and men that make up so much of our local economy.

    If you have a loved one who has always been a follower of beauty, or just know someone who needs some “me” time to recover from the busy season, we have some great specials to help you ring in the holidays. Featuring $10 facials, discounted gift boxes wth a color service, and a bonus $10 with every $50 purchased in gift certificates – you are sure to fill someone’s holiday with even more smiles.

    Support the next generation of beauty professionals and business owners at ESI Chubbuck.

How is that list looking now?

We hope that our list not only helped you to find that perfect gift, but introduced you to a few local businesses that you may not have heard of before.

From everyone here at ESI Chubbuck we hope you have a great holiday season, full of magic, merriment, and the family and friends that mean so much from you.

Happy Holidays and we will see you in the salon soon!

*All services performed by students in training under the direct supervision of licensed professionals. 

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