5 Self-Care Tips for Your Beauty Routine

There’s no denying that the beginning of this year was unusual and hard. With COVID-19 shutting down many things across the country and the uncertainties that came with it, many of us were feeling a lot more stress than we normally would. It’s during these times that it’s so important to stop and make sure you’re taking care of yourself properly. And what better way to do this than by having a complete and relaxing beauty self-care routine? We’ve listed out our favorite beauty routines below to give you some inspiration on how you can make any day great through your passion!

Clean Out Your Makeup

Even as quarantine restrictions are starting to lift, things may not feel normal to you immediately. These last few months have left a lot of people feeling like many things were out of their control and that could still be the case for you. But do you know what you can control? Your makeup supply! Whether cleaning is your destresser or you have to force yourself to do it, there’s no denying the satisfaction that comes from seeing all your hard work pay off. Plus, making sure you have clean makeup can do wonders for your skin and cause fewer breakouts. It’s a great way to feel accomplished while focusing on something you already love!

Need some help cleaning all your beauty supplies? Check out our guide where we explain all you need to know!

Up Your Skin Care Game

Did you find yourself skipping out on your skincare routine while cooped up in your home? We know that with many of you stuck at home, skin care probably wasn’t the first thing on your mind. But as you start to get back to your normal schedule, make sure that includes taking care of your skin. Especially as you start to put on makeup or go out in the sun more as the weather starts to get hot. Like cleaning out your makeup, committing to a good skincare routine can really lift up your day by putting your beauty talents to good use!

Create a DIY Face Mask

Let’s face it, we could all use some time in our day that’s just dedicated to making us feel good and a face mask is the perfect way to do that! Many people won’t have time to do this as often as their other skincare steps but that’s what makes this tip all the more special. Whenever you have some extra time at night or during the weekends, make your DIY face mask with your own ingredients and you’ll feel like you’re getting the royal treatment. There’s no better way to lift your spirits than by doing something that makes you feel as pampered as a face mask does!

Give Yourself With a Pedicure or Manicure

You may not be a professional when it comes to nails but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them a good trim and fresh coat of polish. Not only is this healthy for your nails and something you should already be doing, but it also just feels good to look down and see a beautiful nail design you created. You may even discover that you have a real talent for it!

woman painting toenails

Take a Day for Yourself

It’s safe to say that we’re all getting a little tired of being stuck in the house. That’s why this is the perfect opportunity for you to get out and spend a day totally dedicated to what you love most: beauty! Whether that means finally cutting and coloring your quarantine hair or getting your makeup done professionally, you deserve to spend some extra for your beauty needs. And now with our school open again, all these services can be done right in our student salon! Contact us if you have any questions about how you can make an appointment.

Is Beauty Your Calling?

If nothing relaxes you more than these and other beauty routines, that may be a sign that a future education in beauty is right for you! At Elevate Salon Institute (ESI) Chubbuck, we’re now reopened and offer a variety of programs so you can personalize your beauty journey and study the techniques that most interest you. And you can do this all in our student salon where you practice what you’ve learned under the direct supervision of licensed professionals. Contact us today to find out how you can get started!

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