Community Involvement: Haircuts for Kids

At Elevate Salon Institute(ESI) Chubbuck, we love the amazing community around us! It’s important to us that our school stays involved with the individuals of Chubbuck by giving back whenever we can to those who need a helping hand. That’s why we were so excited that our students were able to participate in our event where we provided haircuts for kids. This was an incredible opportunity for our students to see just how much their talents in beauty are able to make an impact on someone’s life. Read our blog to find out more about this event and how we plan on carrying this tradition!

Why We Put on This Event

Our school has a special relationship with the school district in our community. One of our favorite ways to get involved in the schools is through the Backpack Program, a charity put on by the Food Bank to help provide kids with food for the weekend. As we’ve worked with the school district, we noticed that kids who aren’t confident about how they look are often bullied. We know that appearance is so important to a child, especially during the back-to-school season. With our talented students, we had the perfect opportunity to give these kids the confidence boost they deserve.

Through our connection with the school, teachers and counselors are able to give children a voucher for a free haircut at our school. Since we already had experience with vouchers and providing kids with free haircuts, we decided to create an event specially dedicated to this cause near to our hearts!

About the Event

With the help of our amazing students, we were able to put on two events! The first one took place on August 6, where our students traveled to the homeless shelter and gave haircuts to 15 children. Our second event was done with the Salvation Army through their Dress a Child charity, where they gave the free vouchers for children to come to our salon. Our students gave ten haircuts for children at our salon during August 13 and 14. All of them were given a complete treatment by washing their hair and letting them decide which haircut they wanted.

ESI Chubbuck giving child a haircut

It was an amazing experience for everyone involved! We know that our students will never forget that their skills were able to make such a big difference in these kids’ lives. Everyone remembers how stressful it was to go back to school at that age, so being able to help kids with a simple haircut is one amazing part of the beauty world!

This event was so successful that we’re already planning on how we can make next year’s even better! To make sure that every child is able to experience what it’s like to receive a haircut in a salon environment, we plan on donating transportation so all students can come to our school. We can’t wait to see what we can do with this event next year!

Why is Community Involvement Important for ESI Chubbuck?

As a beauty school in Chubbuck, we want our students to feel like they’re part of the community and there’s no better way to do that than by getting involved! Our students are training to become the next generation of beauty professionals. It’s important to us that we’re not only teaching them skills they could use for success, but also how they can use what they’ve learned to help others.

group of students with kids

As we participate in the community, we encourage others to pay the service forward and give a helping hand to those who need it. We know that self-image is an important part of whether someone believes that their talents are worth sharing with their community. That’s why we’re so proud of our students and their dedication to help others feel better about themselves. It really makes a difference in someone’s life and could start a chain of helping others in the community!

Want to Get Involved?

Are you interested in starting your beauty journey? Our school could be a great option for you! We have multiple programs so you can study the area of beauty that you’re most passionate about. Contact us to learn how you can start the application process!

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