Interested in Esthetics? Here are the Career Possibilities Awaiting You.

An education in esthetics starts with skin.

At its core, esthetics is the study of the cleaning and care of the skin. Because esthetics is a specialized training that includes the anatomy of the skin and its conditions, it is important for you to gain a state approved education that addresses not only the science of the skin. In addition you should also gain a knowledge of the corrective treatments, techniques and products used that are necessary in order to assist you with your career growth.

At Elevate Salon Institute(ESI), Chubbuck we are passionate about creating an esthetics curriculum that works seamlessly with state licensing regulations. By expanding upon these foundational requirements, we strive to help our students gain a depth of knowledge that can help them stand out.

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If you have ever had an interest in helping people find their inner glow and uncover beautiful, healthy, skin then a career in esthetics might be the perfect fit for you. With a huge career growth and a skill that is in demand, there are a wide variety of career opportunities that could be waiting for you after graduation and licensing.

Here are Some of the Career Options in Esthetics

man getting a face mask at a spa

Day Spa

One of the most common careers for an esthetician is in a spa atmosphere. Its no wonder! The spa industry is seeing a record 23% growth month over month. That is more than double the growth of many other industries in the United States. With so much industry growth there is most certainly a demand for skilled Estheticians who are eager to help their clients with skin care and makeup application.

If you are interested in working in a calming environment while helping your clients look their best this is a great career option to consider.

Medical Spa

If you have an intense desire to help your clients overcome skin challenges and uncover fresh, beautiful skin then a career in a medical spa might be just up your alley. With a focus on modern techniques and applications, an esthetician in this field should have a greater knowledge of medical techniques and applications.

Luxury Resort

woman working in a spa

People love to pamper themselves when they are on vacation, which makes the need for estheticians at luxury resorts around the world in high demand. If you have ever dreamed of living and working in exotic locations around the world, or even on a cruise ship, then sharing your skill at a resort spa could be the perfect fit.

Hair Removal Specialist

While there are many different specialties within the Esthetics field, one of those specialties that are most in demand is that of a hair removal specialist. Focusing on everything from waxing, hair removal, and brow shaping working, as a specialist in this area can be quite rewarding. Plus, with spas specialized in hair removal popping up every day, there is plenty of demand to pursue.

With so many career options, your beautiful journey could begin as an adventure!

Do these careers speak to you? Are you ready to take the first steps toward pursuing a career full of fresh skin and helping people find a new confident glow than a career in esthetics could be your perfect fit? Contact us today to schedule a tour and discover how ESI Chubbuck can help support you toward reaching a fresh new future.

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