7 Holiday Hair Hues That Haven’t Been Overdone

It’s that time of year again: shopping, giving, celebrating, repeat! Amidst both the swooning and stresses of the holiday season, any gal needs a little extra TLC and self-care to stay serene. Be sure to leave time for some sugar, spice, and everything nice! Take that post-snow-storm bubble bath, embrace a matte glam eyeshadow, or even switch up that hairdo. Heck, SPICE up your color! Whether you’re a daring guru ready to take winter by storm or a traditional lady looking for the right little accessory for a party, here are seven of our favorite unique hair hues perfect for the holiday season!

Ash Browns

Nervous about making a color change? Baby steps! Many of us are naturally brunette. A neutral, earthy color like brown is flattering on anyone! Switch up a stark shade to a brighter ashy one. We love the subtle dimension and ashy tone of a wintery taupe or sandy gray highlight. It’s like frosting!

long ashy brunette

rosy brunette hair

Cherry Chocolate

They say you are what you eat and cherry chocolate locks just might be as close as anyone can get!

auburn brunette hair

purple brunette hair

Icy Blonde

No need to leave bleach in the summer! Keep up on those beach babe locks all year with a festive purple toner.

ashy platinum blonde hair

gray blonde hair

From Golden Girl to Dusty Rose

Take that golden summer glow to a pinkish one.

dusty rosy platinum blonde hair

short rose gold bob

Wintergreen Wonderland

Embrace a little something unexpected like a rich dark shade of color. Dark forest green can be classic and festive. So get the green! Try a look that is MONEY with a gorgeous wintery-green.

black green ombre hair

forest green teal hair

Too dark? Go lighter! Why go winter when you can go MINTER.

mint green hair

mint green hair

Midnight Mane

Maintain that mysterious, almost-black mane with a little boost of blue, and you’ll be on your way to ringing in the new year at midnight. We love the sultry look of a midnight blue. Plus, navy is the perfect transition shade from fall to winter!

midnight blue curly hair

midnight blue pin straight hair

Her Hair is Full of Secrets

Check out these amazing hidden highlights! If you want to try a pop of color but don’t want to commit, this is a great way to test the waters. Besides, this can still comply with uniforms, dress codes, or dinner at Grandma’s.

rainbow highlights hidden in red auburn hair

pink and orange nape of the neck under brunette

hidden unicorn blonde hair

We are ready for the holidays like Rudolph is ready to lead off! Are you a beauty maven? Then give one of these a try! If you’d like some guidance, make an appointment with us at our student salon training area*

If you’re interested in learning how to recreate any of these looks, take our quiz to see if cosmetology is right for you!

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