Is Cosmetology a Stable Career Choice?

With all that’s happened in the beginning of this year, many people may be feeling uncertain about what their future career looks like. Whether you temporarily lost your job or felt stuck doing something you’re not passionate about during quarantine, this experience may have been your sign that it’s time for a career change! But as we prepare for what’s coming, one of your main concerns is probably pursuing a future that offers stability no matter what the economy looks like.

If you’re looking for a stable career, cosmetology could be the perfect option for you. After all, we all saw how many were impacted by not being able to get their hair done during quarantine. People rely on cosmetologists! So what makes cosmetologists so special that allows it to have such a stable career? We cover some of our favorite things about why these beauty professionals are irreplaceable!

They’re Trained Professionals

Who hasn’t seen a video of someone trying to drastically cut their hair or even add some color? While the disastrous results can be funny, these videos also give us a good reminder that these techniques are best left to trained professionals! The last thing you want is to have to cut your hair and start from scratch, especially if you’ve spent years working to grow those locks out. Remember that cosmetologists aren’t just studying cutting techniques but also about the products and chemicals that enter your hair. They understand how your hair and scalp will react and use that knowledge to give you the latest styles in a safe way.

cosmetologist working with client

They Know How to Give You the Latest Trends

It’s not enough to know how to perform beauty services safely. Clients also expect their hairstylists to know about the latest trends and how to do them. Many people online will try to do these newest hairstyles or treatments on themselves because it’s become popular in the beauty world. Well, the good news for clients is that they don’t have to risk disaster by doing it at home! Cosmetologists are also keeping up to date with these new trends and often know how to give you the style you want as long as it’s safe. After all, it’s no secret that anyone who has a cosmetology career most likely loves the beauty industry and will also want to keep informed on what’s happening.

In addition to knowing the latest trends, cosmetologists are also trained to help clients achieve a look that’s best for them! Which hairstyle would fit each face shape or which color would go best with each skin tone are just some examples of things many people don’t consider unless they’ve been to beauty school. Clients may even be surprised to find that they love a new style on them that they had never considered before talking to their hairstylist!

They Offer a Safe Space

Now more than ever, we can all appreciate the importance of socializing with others and finding people who can relate with you. That’s what cosmetologists are there for! While connecting with people isn’t part of the job description, many cosmetologists are just naturally friendly people who want to form lasting relationships. For clients, there’s no better feeling than walking into a familiar salon and knowing the stylist is always willing to go above and beyond in making them feel comfortable.

What Does This Mean for a Future in Cosmetology?

All of these qualities just go to show that people rely on cosmetologists and that’s not likely going to stop anytime soon. In fact, even with this short break due to social distancing, people are eager to get back to the salon and make up for some lost time pampering themselves with a variety of beauty techniques. That’s why, even with everything going on, the job outlook for cosmetologists is expected to continue rising. It’s an amazing feeling when you have a career like this where people appreciate what you do and you can directly see the difference you’re making in clients’ lives!

Looking for a Fresh Start?

Are you ready to begin a career path that offers both stability and a chance for you to do something you really love? Our cosmetology program could be just what you’re looking for! In our program, students learn all about the latest technical and business skills that can help you succeed in the beauty world. Contact us today to find out more about it and how you can get started!

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