Meet Christen, the Admissions Coordinator at ESI Chubbuck

With a history that spans over decades, the culture at Elevate Salon Institute(ESI), Chubbuck is one that has created a family. We’ve built generations of cosmetologists, and what’s more, we have also built a family within our walls.

You see this sense of camaraderie and dedication in our current students as they support and build each other up. We see it in the students that follow in the footsteps of their mothers and grandmothers. We also see it in our past students as they return to a school that feels like home to help build the next generations of beauty professionals.

We see all of this in our Admissions Coordinator, Christen Arnaud.

When considering beauty school, one of the first things you will do is take a tour of the schools that could help you make that dream a reality. When on your tour you will meet the Admissions Coordinator. At ESI Chubbuck our Admissions Coordinator is your first contact into an education that could help you build a successful future.

Get to know Christen, her passion, and what drives her.

After, we encourage you to schedule your tour, meet Christen in person, and begin your first step on a journey that could change your life.

An Education and a Home

Christen has worked with Elevate Salon Institute since October of 2016, but that wasn’t the first time she has found a home behind our walls.

In 2009 Christen began her cosmetology education at our school (at the time named The School of Hairstyling). Christen benefited from our education system and fell in love with the spirit and family that our owner, Linda Mottishaw, has worked to cultivate.

When a change in her life pushed her to resign from cosmetology, Christen thought it was forever. One visit to her alma mater, and she found herself presented with a new opportunity in cosmetology: education.

It was an opportunity she jumped at. She was excited to return to the school that meant so much to her and to help future professionals realize their dreams.

A Career in Color

Graduating in 2010, Christen went right to work, moving through a few local salons before falling in love with Sweet Escape Hair Salon. It was here that Christen began to create a name for herself, the skills she had learned during her education taking center stage.

After three and a half years of working at Sweet Escape, however, Christen found herself set on a new path, and set off to raise her daughter and begin a family with her husband. It was a joy filled existence, but she missed creating stunning looks and imaginative styles.

Family First

The most important thing to Christen is family. Mother to an adorable little girl, Christen always puts family first. In fact, one of the things that brought her to ESI Chubbuck was the desire to help other students change their lives and build a successful career just as she had.

Pursuing a career in beauty gave her the opportunity to create something that has not only helped her support her little girl, but allowed her and her husband to get completely out of debt in 2017.

This was an amazing feat and not one that she could have done without the skills and career she was able to build from her education.

Christen was able to accomplish so much, and she knows that the students at ESI Chubbuck have that same potential in them, just as does each person with a dream does. It is one of Christen’s goals to support all of the students at ESI Chubbuck in this, and to help them reach their goals.

Are you ready to find your own passion?

It’s there, just inside of you, dying to get out. Let ESI Chubbuck support you as you turn that burning fire into a talent that is ready to do more than change your life, it’s ready to make it beautiful.

Schedule your tour today, Christen is ready to show you our facility and introduce you to the students and staff who are just as dedicated as she is.

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