From Student to Owner: Meet Elevate Salon Institute’s Linda Mottishaw

There’s a long tradition of beauty in Pocatello, Idaho. It’s a tradition that extends back more than fifty years and recently has spread across the road to nearby Chubbuck. There’s been a long history of growth and success in this cozy part of Idaho, and one person has been there through it all: Linda Mottishaw

Not only is she the owner of Elevate Salon Institute, Chubbuck but she is a passionate beauty maven with over fifty years of experience.

It Started With a Chop

On June 1st, 1967, Linda graduated from Lela’s College of Hair Design. Tucked into a quiet street in Pocatello, Lela’s school was a staple in Pocatello. Even though it later closed down, it quickly became The School of Hairstyling.

If that name sounds familiar, that’s because The School of Hairstyling is now known as Elevate Salon Institute, Chubbuck, but it had a journey in order to get there, a journey that Linda has been there for.

Although she has owned her fair share of salons, they have not been her only position in beauty, saying that ”If there is anything that has to do with Cosmo over the last 50 years I have done it.”

Her foray into all things beauty began with teaching night classes at The School of Hairstyling. She stayed there for many years before moving into a role as a stylist educator for a chain of salons. After many years of mastering that position, owning salons along the way, she returned to teach at The School of Hairstyling. It was then she knew educating the next generation of stylists was her true passion.

After many years of teaching at The School of Hairstyling the current owner made her an offer “she couldn’t refuse”, and her passion of educating students moved into the dedication of an owner.

On January 1st, 1990, Linda purchased The School of Hairstyling. It was that moment that Linda stood in the exact same building she had received her cosmetology education 23 years before, now an owner.

”Be there. Be available. Be Professional.”

Meet Linda from ESI Chubbuck


A Passion Full of Color

From the moment Linda began her cosmetology education, she’s had a passion for color. It’s a love that stems from its ability to cause an immediate and drastic change in someone’s look. Linda loves to make those changes and to see the look on a client’s face when they see a different look make its appearance for the first time.
Making those changes has not always been easy, however.

For many years, when she first began her career in cosmetology, hair color was a game of trial and error, with much of their mixing involving luck and hope.

It wasn’t until color brands began to create professional lines that stylists were given an education on mixing, techniques, and skills that have helped us to create some of the incredible and unique colors we see today.

Speaking of that, Linda does not shy away from the new and crazy trends that have taken over the cosmetology world. Instead, she embraces them, learning and mastering the new skills and looks that have become so popular. After all, she has a philosophy that if she wants her teachers and students to be able to perform these skills, she should know them too.

Because of this, you often see her on the floor of her own school learning and mastering each new look and technique as they come into being.

”My students bring a smile to my life. They make me grateful that I have known them and helped them on their journey.”

Meet Linda from ESI Chubbuck

The Love and The Challenge

With such a passion for education, it’s no wonder that Linda is constantly evolving and improving her school so as to give her students the best possible education.

It was this passion for evolution that led her toward becoming part of the Elevate Salon Institute family in 2016.

The first ever Elevate School.

Linda’s career has been a journey, but it has not been without reward.

In fact, with so many years of experience the students and stories that have crossed her path are extensive; from the accountant taking night classes who accidentally melted his boar bristle brushes, to the hundreds of mothers who embraced all odds and conquered every struggle to create a beautiful future for themselves.

In fact, that is Linda’s favorite part of educating future professionals, watching them grow, guiding them as they struggle, lifting them when they fall.

While new technology, and shifts in society, have led to different types of struggles, she faces them head on, telling each new batch of graduates the same thing: “When you go to interview, be the part of a cosmetologist. Always be willing to learn. A day without learning is kind of a wasted day.”

”Kindness and Compassion Rule.”


If you want to get to know Linda more and see how her experience and passion have helped to build an amazing school, call us today and schedule a tour.

We would love to welcome you into our beautiful family.

Meet Linda from ESI Chubbuck

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