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Social media is an amazing way to link up online. We use these platforms to connect with family, friends, brands, and people who inspire us. It’s also a way that we can express ourselves and our personalities in a more creative and fun way.

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Here are Elevate Salon Institute (ESI) Chubbuck’s top five picks for local influencers in Idaho and why we think you should check their profiles out and follow them.

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Elsa is all about documenting her adventures while sharing her style along the way. She strives to live life full of optimism. Although she’s based in Idaho, she and her husband love exploring. They even have a cute airstream, named Primrose, that’s fixed up to travel around in and sightsee. They’ve been all over the western United States, other places to the east, and overseas to destinations like France and Canada. Can you say goals?

Wherever Elsa is, she’ll find the perfect spot to take a photo. A huge aspect of marketing in the beauty world is being able to take high-quality photos. While you don’t need an expensive camera, you do need some creativity. Stand out and have fun with your content on Instagram! Elsa is the perfect example of how to capture fun photos and can give you examples of some fun photoshoots you could do with clients!

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If you’re needing some boho, western, and 70s vibes, look no further because Alysa Mae is your girl. She’s all about combining retro clothes with a western hat and boots. Alysa captures movement so beautifully in her content with tons of hair, skirt, dress and jacket flips. She even has her own hashtag – #moveitlikemae – for her followers to show their ‘takes’ on her content.

Not only does Alysa love and has a knack for creating content for her Instagram, but she also has a photography business and is starting a vintage shop that perfectly fits her vibes and what she stands for. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to be a boss babe while doing a perfect hair flip – follow Alysa!


We’re getting all the family vibes with Jessica. She shares inspiring content of her journey with IVF and successfully having a baby girl and baby boy. Her realness and raw emotions strive to help many women through their own struggles with IVF.

Not only do we love Jessica’s realness that she has with her followers, but we also love her hair and makeup tips. Did we mention that she went to cosmetology school? She did! Her background has led her to share some amazing tips and tricks with her followers. Check out her Instagram for some inspo on fun hair tutorials!

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Do you love to explore and live for being in nature? You absolutely need to check out Devin’s page. She’s all about getting outside and finding peace and beauty in the world around her.

We all need a break sometimes – with Devin’s carefree attitude and style, you’ll be wanting to hike, explore, and find some peace away from your everyday life. Her colors are deep nature tones with lots of greenery and blues perfect for getting you in an Idaho mountain mood!


Last but not least, we had to show you guys Brooke Scherf. She and her husband own a high-end hair parlour in Rexburg, Idaho where they specialize in instilling confidence and creating magical hair in the process.

If you’re looking for some fun ways to share client work and/or salon vibes, you need to check out @perf.scherf.parlour. She includes some creative ways to make your Instagram more fun and unique like including some amazing professional pictures clients have shared, taking behind-the-scenes shots, adding a little bit of clip art to a photo, including some personal photos and events, and sharing positive messages.

If you’re looking for some fun ways to boost your Instagram portfolio, you need to give Brooke Scherf a follow!

Tools To Use

We know that looking at these profiles can be inspiring but also a little intimidating. You might be asking yourself, “How do they create these pics?” or “How do they add the graphic illustrations to their pictures?”

Don’t worry! We have some apps to show you so that you can create some fun photos and graphics:

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Become a Part of the Scene

Ready to make yourself known in the Idaho beauty world? Start by learning the latest beauty trends and techniques in the industry! Contact ESI Chubbuck today to get more information on the programs we offer: cosmetology, esthetics, and nails.

We’re passionate about education and helping our students feel prepared to step out into the beauty world and make a name for themselves. Chase your dreams to wherever they might lead, and you just might find everything you’ve been hoping for. Doesn’t beauty influencer have a good ring to it?

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