See Yourself as a Stylist

Where would we be without our stylists? Not only do they use their creativity to help hair dreams become reality, but they can also act as a confidant to their guests. Hairstyling goes way beyond just hair. We know that the stylists that really make an impression with people are the ones that go above and beyond for their guests. If you eventually see yourself becoming a cosmetologist, then read more to see which traits a successful stylist may have!


If you see hairstyling in your future, a creative mind is a must. When a guest comes to you looking for a hairstyle that’s both trendy at the time and also still shows off their personal style, it’s time to get those creative juices flowing! In fact, guests might not know what they want at all, just that they’re looking for a new style. This can really allow you to exercise your creative liberty and show off what you can do in cosmetology. For those of us who have always dreaded a career that just makes you go through repetitive motions, this can seem like a dream come true!


It’s important for hairstylists to use creativity but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the guest’s opinion into consideration. Guests rely on their hairstylists to bring their visions to life, and sometimes those visions can be very specific. It’s up to you to communicate with the guest about their idea for the finished product. Maybe they’ve even brought in a picture to show you what they’re expecting their hair to look like. To build trust and a good relationship with guests, it’s important that you put their wants above all else. You can even share good hairstyling tips to show your guests that you care about them and their hair.

woman talking with her hairstylist

Putting the guest first goes beyond just listening to their ideas and making them a reality. Sometimes they may ask you to do services that could be damaging to their hair or maybe they want something that just can’t be done after only one appointment. Communication also means that you should be honest with them and let them know why you’re unable to perform what they have in mind. They may be disappointed at first but if you explain openly why it’s not possible, they may trust you more in the future and depend on your opinions.

Good Listening Skills

This is one of the traits that can make a good hairstylist an amazing one! We all know that it’s important for a hairstylist to take a guest’s vision and turn it into a reality but you need to do more to make sure your guest can feel at home with you as their stylist. Let’s be honest, getting a great new hairstyle is only half the reason it’s something to look forward to. People also love to unwind from their busy schedules and the salon can be a great place to do that. While relaxing with some hair pampering, people also find it therapeutic to talk with their stylist about things they’re experiencing. Whether it’s something that’s frustrated them or an accomplishment they just want to tell someone about, people want their stylists to both laugh and cry with them.


People love their hair. They are going to make sure that their stylist is someone they can depend on no matter what. That’s why you should show through your actions that you’re a stylist they can count on. Following through on your appointments and making sure you’re on time are small things but if you’re consistent with them, they’ll make all the difference.

Application Skills

Of course, you can have all these traits but it won’t matter unless you’re able to apply your beauty knowledge. From coloring to cutting, stylists need a wide variety of beauty skills so their guests can feel like they’ve come to the right place. There’s nothing like watching a guest light up after seeing their new hairstyle. Boosting a guest’s confidence with your work can be one of the most rewarding feelings in the beauty industry.

hairstylists doing hair

Do You Have Some of These Traits?

Did you see yourself in some of the traits we listed? Is the only thing you need to do now learn how to apply beauty techniques on guests? If you can see yourself as a stylist, then you should check out our cosmetology program at Elevate Salon Institute, Chubbuck. Our program goes beyond just hair and also teaches students how to market their beauty knowledge to potential guests. Contact us to find out how you can start the application process!

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