Snapchat Halloween Filters that will Get Your Tongue Wagging!

Halloween may be quickly approaching, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have time to create the perfect Halloween costume! If you are looking for something that not only screams you, but gives a little pop to your Halloween party appearance, consider these Snapchat inspired designs.

Not only do they share your Snapchat obsession with the world, but they are super easy and (best of all) hassle free.

Here are our top five favorite Snapchat inspired Halloween costumes, complete with tutorials to make your Halloween go smoothly.

  1. Cute Doe


    Cute Doe Costume

    Let’s start with one of the biggest filters of 2017. This adorable Doe, and her companion puppy, have been around for a while, but they continue to stay right on top! Not only will you look absolutely adorable, but most people will get the reference right off the bat!

  2. Rainbow Tears

    While this one does take a little bit more time, and perhaps skill, than the others, the result is very Snapchat nonetheless.

    If you enjoyed this filter, it could make the perfect costume for you.

  3. Butterfly Babe

    Butterfly babe tutorial

    Do you love the butterfly crown filter in Snapchat? It’s so glittery and elegant, and even though it’s not scary, it’s the perfect Halloween costume to let your inner beauty show.

    This fun tutorial by EerieZone can help you glitter and shimmer.

  4. Rainbow Vomit

    Probably one of the craziest Snapchat filters, and craziest replicas we have seen, is the “Rainbow Vomit” filter. We love this colorful makeup, and as weird as it is, it will definitely get people smiling.

    This video by Brittany Marie will guide you through it step by step.

  5. Snapchat Itself

    snapchat costume idea

    Why stick with just the filter when you can be Snapchat itself! This costume is super cute and easy to put together with elements that you may even have lying around! Plus, you can fill your actual Snapchat with all the filters you find at your party!

Are you ready for Halloween? No matter if you are using one of these tutorials or another let us know what you are going as this Halloween!

No matter what you do don’t forget to enjoy yourself and have a safe Halloween!

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