Student Highlight: Kalani Fayle

Updated: January 3, 2020

At Elevate Salon Institute(ESI), Chubbuck we are so proud of our students and the hard work and dedication they put into their beauty education. We know that our students do a lot to make sure that they’re learning the proper techniques that can help them in the beauty industry. That’s why we want to take the time to highlight some of our students! Kalani Fayle is a student here at ESI Chubbuck and someone who we think demonstrates how much of a difference beauty can have on the world. Read more to hear about her and her experience as a beauty school student.

2019 L’Oréal Scholarship Winner

Since writing this highlight of Kalani, we are proud to announce that she’s been awarded a $1000 scholarship from L’Oréal! She was one of only three recipients in the United States to earn this incredible achievement. With her passion for beauty and her dedication to working hard, we’re excited to see what she contributes to the cosmetology industry!

We want to thank L’Oréal for giving students this opportunity and we’re so glad that our curriculum is partnered with this global beauty leader so our students can get first-hand experience with a professional brand!

Why Choose Beauty?

Before Kalani enrolled in our cosmetology program she was working at Whole Foods as a marketer, but she wanted a way to directly interact with other people. Kalani knew that she wanted to do something that allowed her to help others while also challenging her creativity. Although she never considered a career in beauty before, she has always been interested in it. Now through beauty she’s able to put two things she loves together! “[Beauty] combines my two passions- making people feel good about themselves and creativity,” she says. “Cosmetology helps you work with the public but also leave a lasting positive impact on people.”

Experience at ESI Chubbuck

We asked Kalani why she chose to study beauty at ESI Chubbuck. She told us that one of the biggest reasons she decided to study here is because of our educators and their experience in beauty. After touring a couple of other schools near our area, Kalani said that our instructors’ experience and coaching style was what made her most impressed with ESI Chubbuck. She loves that with their help she’s been able to continue pushing herself to always learn more about cosmetology.

Kalani with flowers

Under their teaching, Kalani has been trying out all kinds of beauty techniques. One reason why Kalani is such a great student is because she’s excited to challenge herself and learn new things. She told us that hair color is one of her favorite cosmetology techniques that she’s learned in her time so far at beauty school. “There’s so many components to [hair color], it’s the biggest challenge but that’s what makes it exciting,” she says. “You can get so creative with it.”

We love her enthusiasm and we can’t wait to see what other exciting techniques she’ll learn about during her time with us!

Interacting With Guests

One of the things that Kalani loves most about cosmetology is the opportunity to interact with people and make them feel better about themselves. An experience that stuck out to her was when she helped a woman going through chemotherapy with her wig. Kalani said that she was able to use her beauty knowledge to help educate the woman on how to properly style it. She told us that being able to teach how to wear her wig and seeing her walk out so much happier made her feel like she was in the right place.

She loves that as a cosmetologist she can work hard and apply what she’s learned on future guests. If she could give advice to anyone who wants to study cosmetology, she’d tell them two things to keep in mind. “Practice and perseverance are the most important components,” she says. “That’s what is going to make you a better cosmetologist and a better person in general.”

After Beauty School

When she completes her education in cosmetology Kalani has big goals for pursuing two passions of beauty and helping others in the community. Before she enrolled at ESI Chubbuck, Kalani was already helping people by working in nonprofit organizations. Now that she’s receiving a beauty education, she wants to start her own nonprofit that will allow her to use her cosmetology knowledge to help others feel better about themselves. After beauty school, Kalani wants to spend one weekend every month and travel to various children’s hospitals to provide services like facials, makeup applications, and wig donations to terminally ill children. Kalani believes that the connections she’s made in the area through her time at beauty school will help her build a team to start this dream.

We are in awe of Kalani’s generous spirit and can’t wait to see what she accomplishes after beauty school.

Inspired by Kalani

Were you inspired by Kalani’s story as much as we were? If you were then you should look into our cosmetology program where you can learn hairstyles, coloring, and much more with Kalani and other amazing students! Contact us to find out how you can start the application process. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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