Your Financial Aid Guide for Cosmetology School

Are you interested in applying for beauty school? Are financed the only thing holding you back? Financial aid can seem complicated and you might be unsure of where to start.That’s why we’ve created an informational financial aid guide for beauty schools to help answer any questions you may have about this important step of your application process. Read more to find out how to get started!

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How to Prepare for a Beauty Education During High School

We know it’s hard to believe, but the school year is almost here again. While we are going to miss the warmer temperatures and late summer nights, we’re excited for the fresh start this time of year brings. This new school year is extra special for high school seniors who are getting ready to graduate. It’s a big accomplishment and one that opens a variety of opportunities. If you’ve thought about a future in cosmetology after high school, then don’t wait till graduation to start preparing. There are a variety of ways to start getting ready for your next step as you head into senior year. Find out what they are and start planning!

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How to Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage This Summer

Whether you’re here in Idaho or on vacation, summer is here. That means endless activities to do outside. Breathing the fresh air and feeling the sun shining down on your face every day are some things that you look forward to when you wake up. However, with that summer sun can either mean extra dry hair or missing out on fun things going on outside, but don’t worry! We at Elevate Salon Institute (ESI), Chubbuck are here to help! We have some easy tips that you can apply all summer long to keep that hair healthy and enjoy being outside. Continue reading

What’s the Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape?

You look at your hair in the mirror and feel uninspired: it’s time for a change! Deciding you want a new hairstyle is easy, but finding the perfect look is a lot more difficult. The right haircut for you depends on your hair type, how long you spend doing your hair, and especially your face shape. Keep reading to get some help finding the perfect pic to show your stylist.

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Beauty Neat Freak? Test Your Sanitation Knowledge!

You know you’re supposed to clean your makeup brushes. Maybe you’re not sure exactly how often but you’re pretty sure you’re not doing it quite as often as you should. However, did you know that your hair tools should be cleaned regularly too? And you should probably even disinfect your makeup? See how much you really know about cleaning your beauty tools!

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See Yourself as a Stylist

Where would we be without our stylists? Not only do they use their creativity to help hair dreams become reality, but they can also act as a confidant to their guests. Hairstyling goes way beyond just hair. We know that the stylists that really make an impression with people are the ones that go above and beyond for their guests. If you eventually see yourself becoming a cosmetologist, then read more to see which traits a successful stylist may have!

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Student Highlight: Kalani Fayle

Updated: January 3, 2020

At Elevate Salon Institute(ESI), Chubbuck we are so proud of our students and the hard work and dedication they put into their beauty education. We know that our students do a lot to make sure that they’re learning the proper techniques that can help them in the beauty industry. That’s why we want to take the time to highlight some of our students! Kalani Fayle is a student here at ESI Chubbuck and someone who we think demonstrates how much of a difference beauty can have on the world. Read more to hear about her and her experience as a beauty school student.

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Switch to Beauty School in the New Year

We still can’t believe it, but 2019 is almost here! Here at Elevate Salon Institute (ESI), Chubbuck, we love this time of year because it often gives people the confidence to start fresh in an aspect of their life. You deserve to do what makes you happy and if you’ve found that you’re stuck in something that doesn’t feel right, then making a New Year’s resolution can be a great way to change it. One of the best things you can do in 2019 is to invest in yourself and your education!
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