What’s the Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape?

You look at your hair in the mirror and feel uninspired: it’s time for a change! Deciding you want a new hairstyle is easy, but finding the perfect look is a lot more difficult. The right haircut for you depends on your hair type, how long you spend doing your hair, and especially your face shape. Keep reading to get some help finding the perfect pic to show your stylist.

infographic about the face shapes

Round Face Shapes

If you have a round face, the goal is to add length, not width. Hairstyles that add length complement a round face rather than making it appear even rounder. You might have a round face shape if:

  • You have been told you have “chubby cheeks”
  • You’re a teenager or young adult: round faces are more common in younger people
  • Your profile doesn’t have hard lines or angles, your face shape is soft
  • The height and width of your face is close to equal
  • You don’t have a prominent jawline or cheekbones

While a long, straight or wavy hairstyle with a middle part can be an amazing look for people with round faces, there are a lot of other options too!


A shorter bob or lob style of haircut can also balance out a round face. Just make sure it is a little longer than chin length so that it draws the eye downward and elongates the face. Hairstyles that are between pixi length and chin length are not ideal for round face shapes because they add width and make the face appear even rounder.

A word of warning: bangs often do not flatter round faces, so be very careful and consult with your stylist if you are dying to get them!

Oval Face Shapes

People with oval face shapes are often considered lucky because they can pull off almost any hairstyle! You may have an oval face shape if:

  • Your forehead and jawline are about the same width
  • You do not have a strong jawline
  • Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face
  • Your face appears to be more narrow than it is tall
  • Neither your forehead or jaw is more prominent than the other

People with oval faces can play with different trends like lobs, some types of bangs, and short haircuts.

While you have many flattering hairstyle options with an oval face, the main thing to avoid is hairstyles that are too voluminous or busy that can “suffocate” your face. Be careful around hairstyles with lots of short layers or bangs that can hide your face and get in your eyes.


Square Face Shapes

Like the round face shape, square faces are also close to equal in height and width. However, a square face has angles where a round face has softness. You could have a square face shape if:

  • Your face is equally tall and wide
  • Your chin is square rather than round or pointed
  • You have a strong and prominent jawline
  • Your forehead is straight rather than rounded

Where someone with a round face will need a hairstyle that adds lines, someone with a square face will want to choose a hairstyle that softens the prominent line of their jaw. Hairstyles that are soft and round in shape and add movement are ideal.

You can try a hairstyle with wispy bangs or face-framing layers. These can soften and break up the lines in a square face.


Curly or wavy hair looks great on people with square faces!

Short or mid length bobs and lobs can also work well for square faces as long as they are not blunt in shape.

Heart Face Shapes

A heart shaped face is sometimes called a teardrop shape because it is widest at the forehead, the forehead is round, the chin is pointed. Hairstyles that balance out the wider forehead and narrow chin work best for people with heart shaped faces. You might have a heart shaped face if:

Your forehead is round
Your forehead is the widest part of your face
Your chin is noticeably pointed
Your cheekbones are prominent and wide

People with heart shaped faces will want to avoid hairstyles that add width near the top of the head, but unlike people with square faces, they can embrace cuts that draw attention to the jawline.


Haircuts between the chin and shoulders are especially flattering for people with heart shaped faces, and volume and layers are nothing to be afraid of!


Blunt, heavy bangs and other hairstyles with harsh lines can be less flattering on people with heart shaped faces.

Enhance Natural Beauty

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Hairstylists have the skills and tools to enhance their clients’ natural beauty through their haircut and hair color. The right hairstyle can give someone the confidence they need to live their best life! If you are interested in learning more about cosmetology and hair styling, please contact us! We would love to help answer your cosmetology questions.

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