Which Lipstick Should You Wear This Valentine’s Day?

Ever wonder which lipstick hue to use? Have you worn a color that seems just a tad off? Master the art of selecting the right color with our quiz! Identify your skin tone and the lipsticks and colors most flattering on you, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

skin type tone lipstick

Now that you understand your skin tone, let’s see which season your features are! Below is a guide to your personal feature profile and which color palette will suit and accentuate you best.

You Are an Autumn If…

Your warm to deep skin complexion matches your dark hair. Think Zendaya! Bring out your deep chestnut and honey undertones with browns, maroons, grays, and mauve.

autumn skin tone complexion

You Are a Winter If…

Your fair skin greatly contrasts with your hair and eyes like the lovely Katy Perry. Stand out with red and pink that complement the cool tones in your skin or try all-black for a classic and clean look.

winter cool skin tone complexion

You Are a Spring If…

You have a medium complexion with light hair like a blonde Khloe Kardashian. Take advantage of your versatility and spice up your look with a contrast of forest green and pinky-peach!

spring skin tone complexion

You Are a Summer If…

You have light skin, eyes, and hair like Emily Blunt. Work that triple threat with pops of black, navy, and pink.

summer skin tone complexion

Ready to try out new looks according to your features for Valentine’s Day? We’d love to help you bring your ideas to life! Schedule your full-faced appointment with us to top it off today!

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